Butterfly Back System - Fits Width: 16
Butterfly Back System - Fits Width: 16 Butterfly Back System - Fits Width: 16
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Model: ABUCK4020
ADP Code: SEBV10005
Size: Fits Wheelchair Width: 16"
Dimensions: 16" X 8"

The BBS is a low back support system, consisting of three compartments. This provides enhanced lateral stability and can be adjusted to support asymmetrical deformities.
The Vicair® Academy Butterfly even offers the possibility to create an active, relaxed and stable body position on a basic wheelchair.
Active position: Supports the pelvis and lower spinal column: In this position a posterior rotation of the pelvis is avoided; an active seating position is thus more easily achieved and maintained.
Relaxed position supports the lower part of the rib cage: The Butterfly can also be used in reverse (cradling the lower rib cage). This improves lateral support and encourages a relaxed seating position.
Stable Position: Supports the pelvis, the lower spinal column and the rib cage. Combine two Butterfly Backs - one low and one high. This creates an individually shaped back support, providing comfortable body contact all the way from the pelvis to halfway up the thoracic spinal column.

Vicair Technology enables comfortable, stable, unique seating solutions for individuals with simple to complex pressure and positioning needs. Vicair products offer superior performance with little to no maintenance for the user or caregiver.Vicair mattresses and cushions are filled with triangular, air-filled SmartCells™. The low friction surface of the cells allows them to move easily against each other and to conform precisely to the body's contours.

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